• Prototype will be released on 6-9.
  • Pre-order and get a special figurine and a map to find special objects.
  • Offical Site
  • Order Xbox 360, PS3, Computer, Guide
  • Characters include:
    • Alex Mercer
    • Dana Mercer
    • Karen Parker
    • Doctor Bradley Ragland PHD
    • Doctor Raymond McMullen
  • Powers include:
    • disguise
    • armored form
    • shield
    • infected vision
    • thermal vision
    • whipfist
    • muscle mass
    • hammerfist
    • claws
    • blades

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. You are Alex Mercer, a shape-shifter with absolute mastery over your genetic structure, atalking the streets of New York City, searching for your past. Delve into a web of lies and rip from the public for 40 years. Learn that you aren't alone in your amazing abilities; that other killers stalk the city...

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